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What Is Philosophy?

The questions Does God exist? Do I exist? What is the meaning of life? These are some of the timeless questions that philosophy asks, fundamental to an understanding of what your life means. Some of the most famous men to have ever lived, from Socrates and Plato to Jesus and Muhammad, have all attempted to find answers to these questions, and billions of people have read what they have to say as a result. The answers Unfortunately, the answers are suitably difficult to find. For sure, we can just pick up a book and blindly believe in what it says, but formulating a logical answer based on vas…

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UMBC` overview

www.umbc.edu What is Philosophy? Would I be interested in Philosophy? Is Philosophy useful? What Philosophy courses are offered? What is Philosophy? Philosophy is sometimes described as the study of the true, the good, and the beautiful, but a more useful characterization might describe some of the standard areas of philosophy. Metaphysics studies what there is and the role of humans in the structure of things. Does God exist? Are minds and thoughts real and basic, or are we merely bodies and brainstates? Does everything have a cause, and if so do we have free will? What is the nature of pers…

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Graduate Information of UWGB

Graduate Information Brian Leiter’s Philosophical Gourmet Report. This is an important site for anyone interested in pursuing a graduate degree in philosophy. Graduate School Guide. The comprehensive on-line guide to doctoral, masters, and professional programs. Gradschools.com. The most comprehensive online source of Graduate School Information. Petersons.com. The most comprehensive and heavily traveled education resource on the web. Further Information American Philosophy Association. The main professional organization for philosophers in the United States. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philo…

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What’s Unique About This Major?

What's Unique About This Major? National studies of college graduate test scores attest to the success of philosophy students. They consistently score better than nearly all other majors on the Graduate Record Exam, GMAT and LSAT. The philosophy program at UW-Green Bay emphasizes the History of Philosophy. Students are taught to appreciate the historical context of history’s more influential philosophers, and to apply historical thinking to contemporary problems. Each of our faculty specializes in a different area of the History of Philosophy, providing our majors with an introduction to the …

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Who should be a Philosophy Major?

Who should be a Philosophy Major? Philosophy makes an excellent undergraduate major for students going on to careers in law, business, fields relating to social policy and public affairs, and graduate studies. A major or minor in philosophy will prove a significant advantage for students pursuing careers in any of these fields. 原创文章,转载请注明: 转载自哲学网:哲学学术门户网站,Philosophy,哲学家,哲学名言大全 本文链接地址: Who should be a Philosophy Major? 文章的脚注信息由WordPress的wp-posturl插件自动生成

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Why Study Philosophy?

Why Study Philosophy? National studies of college graduate test scores attest to the success of philosophy students. They consistently score better than nearly all other majors on the Graduate Record Exam, GMAT and LSAT. Studies also show that a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy is a valuable commodity on the job market – more valuable than comparable degrees in other Liberal Arts. According to Aristotle a contemplative life, the kind nurtured by the study of philosophy, is also the surest way to one's own happiness. But the value of an education in philosophy extends beyond the domain of person…

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What is Philosophy?

What is Philosophy? Philosophy is the search for Truth. In its pursuit we increase our awareness and appreciation of the fundamental intellectual, ethical, and aesthetic values that undergird the world in which we live. Like mathematics, economics, and chemistry, the discipline of philosophy embodies formal thought, structural relationships, abstract models, symbolic languages, and deductive reasoning. Students who develop these skills gain perspective that helps them to understand and confront problems in their professional and personal lives, devise solutions, consider alternatives, and to …

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李培挺(1982-),男,曲阜师范大学政治与公共管理学院讲师,博士,研究方向:西马、政治哲学、管理哲学等。 摘要:卢卡奇晚年对早年提出的主体哲学进行了深刻反思。他在晚年的哲学思考确实有了转向,但这种转向不是对主体哲学的背弃,只不过回应时代的变化,又找到新的切入点而已。他既指明了主体性的根基所在——马克思的劳动观,又对马克思批判理论有新反思。他开始从以公共生活为主要指向的阶级意识批判转到针对个人的日常生活的异化进行批判。 关键词:晚年卢卡奇;主体性;个性;日常生活;新探索 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most ordinary individual, who can also be a "perfect" —…

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范丙申:逻辑的研究去向Where is Logic Going?

On October 14 – 16, 2013, a large group of Chinese and foreign logicians gath- eredatTsinghuaUniversitytopresentabroadandlivelypictureofthefieldoflogicin its various ramifications today. As can be seen in the scientific program at the web- page www.tsinghualogic.net, topics at the international conference “Logic across the University: Foundations and Applications” ranged from mathematics, philoso- phy, and linguistics to computer science and the cognitive and social sciences. In addition, two evening lectures highlighted major outside interfaces of logic with so- ciety and industry. The inter…

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摘 要: 萨特其人及其思想在法国学术界占有举足轻重的地位,他是法国存在主义的代表人物,他认为哲学最基本的问题就是“存在”问题,并且特别强调了他人的存在,从而加大了对他人问题的探讨。“他人∕他者”这一论题本身又是一个在西方学术内持来已久的问题,所以笔者想从萨特的他人思想和他对他人问题的最终伦理解决入手并结合勒维纳斯的“他人∕他者”的观点对 “他人”这一思想进行理解。 关键词: 他人|注视|面貌|责任|自由 一、萨特的“他人” 在萨特的重要著作《存在与虚无》一书中,他首先强调了哲学的基础就是存在,人的存在更是他的思想中心。萨特认为,人的存在不是孤立的、纯粹的,而是处在某种“境况”之中的。这个“境况”包括了人存在在这个…

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